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Activities and Adventure


Learn about  organic farming, cultivation of coffee and vegetables, and the attitude of our animals. You can also learn to bake tortillas and produce cheese (fresh “cuajada”)
Buy our unique organic coffee, completely produces by us on the farm (fair trade / organic certificate)

With our guide you can explore the trails on our farm(2) or realize hikes or tours on horses (3) also  have guided walks to other places in the different climate zones of Miraflor (Dry, semidry and cloud-forest zone) (4),

enjoying stunning views, hidden archaeological places, lagoons and caves
observing beautiful Flora and Fauna of the ‘Nebliselva Latifoliado’ forest, admiring colorful orchids and bromeliads (300 identified species!).
looking for views of the rare Quetzal, the Montezuma Oropéndola, hummingbirds, toucans, woodpeckers, mot-mot, egrets and trogons, try to spot coyotes, sloths, deer, howler monkeys, armadillos and six feline species, swim in the crystalline and fresh waters of various waterfalls coming off the surrounding mountains.