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Tours on horseback

The horses are the pride of the owner; she is always taken good care of them.

For those, who cannot ride a horse, she is giving an explanation on the care of the horse, its characteristics, the way of correct and indicated behavior with them and she also teaches you how to ride.

In small groups of not more than 5 people we ride for example towards the semi-dry zone of Miraflor. We meet again with many species of birds, some that we saw already in the height, but others are joining us, those which like more  the warm climate, the lower region is also much opener, we can see better and find hawks, falcons, cara-caras, blue jays, water birds etc.

The “old beards”, as the people of the place name the moss, hanging from the oak tree are impressive and leaving a mysterious atmosphere, especially in the afternoon.

After a slope of around one hour we arrive at the pool, leave the horses rest in the shade and step down to the place where the crystalline river falls in a cascade in a natural pure rock swimming pool. There we can rest, contemplate the romantic landscape of a swimming pool in the middle of the forest, it is possible to swim in the fresh waters and to play with the currents of the cascade.

We replenish our energy for the return with a nice picnic, sandwiches, tortillas and cheese, coffee and water brought from the property.