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guided walks to other places in the different climate zones of Miraflor

Another walk leads us through seeded fields, cattle grass , by the border of the cloud forest and the humble establishments of the farmers, we listen to an exhibition about  the development of the community, beginning  with the pre-Columbian times (observation of an archaeological site in the community), followed by the time of the large estates of big landowners, we know about the results of the agrarian reform and observe the village “Sandino”, product of the civil war in Nicaragua ( Sandinistan army  and the Contra).

We can also walk on the Footpath in the Orchid Place, Property of the Union of Farmer Cooperatives Miraflor, we can observe there 40 of the the 200 existing species of orchids in the zone, we are also impressed by the colors and shapes of the “piri-gallos” (bromelias), we can watch birds like Hummingbirds, Oropendolo , Bellbird , Mot-Mot, Trogons of different colors , small and bigger green parrots, Cenzontles, woodpeckers,  among others.

There are certainly lots of other hikes possible.